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Shenzhen iCubio Biomedical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Add: 6/F, Jinda Technology Center, No.8 Kefeng Road, High-tech Industry Park,
     Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China.
Hotline: 0086-4006350600
Tel: 86-755-26610931  (Main)
Fax: 86-755-61658199
Attn: walter.wu (Marketing Director)
Email: ,

Changsha customer service center

Address: 105,Building 7,Wei Hua Yuan,Yuelu District Xiang,Changsha City
Customer service contact: Chen Qingshan mobile phone: 13823121033

Chongqing customer service center

Address: No. 25,A building 22 floor,Linjiang door Yijing building,Yuzhong District,Chongqing city
Customer service contact: Wang Wenming mobile phone: 13823129233

Hebei customer service center

Address: Jiangguo Road,Shijiazhuang City,province Hebei
Customer service contact: Dong Meng mobile phone: 13823120233/13833138083

Chengdu customer service center

Address: Jinniu District, Chengdu City
Customer service contact: Pu Yu mobile phone: 13551855835

Jiangxi customer service center

Address: Nanchang City,Jiangxi province
Customer service contact: Zou Jin mobile phone: 13823129433

More customer service service outlets in the construction, to ensure the provision of customer service repair service day.


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