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Entrepreneurial opportunities for cooperation

Icubio's core values of the first "customer value first", we promise, if because our problems lead to dealers to lose money, we compensate; if quality problems leading to the hospital for return, we retreat, barter; if the guest has fault, our fastest arrange repair, the interests of dealers and strictly to ensure.

Sales service support

After sale service as the fastest production factory, our service speed and quality has been recognized by customers, we set up an office in the province, has customer service and marketing staff to provide services at any time, do the repair the door-to-door service.

Financial credit support

To reach a certain level and cooperation, cooperation history honest partners, the company gradually enlarged Credit support, to jointly promote the business development.

Product Quality Assurance

Company's products have been in full swing in the international and domestic market, the company production according to the assembly and testing requirements of ISO13485 system, the core components of imports from Europe, the background of international cooperation in research and development, product quality and security.

Price system protection

Our price system is relatively clear strictly, in order to guarantee the quality and after sale service, not vicious competition, maximize the protection of the interests of channels.

Cooperation in the interests of protection

We have already offer ODM service to Europe famous IVD company,
so we know the R&D flow and quality requirement from international client,
then we can ensure the schedule of R&D, and ensure the quality of R&D and manufacturing process,
our professional work will help you to promote your own brand quickly!


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