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Welcome to the Arab Health 2014!

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 Introduction about Arab Health 2014:

Arab Health 2014 is also called the 39th Annual Middle East Medical instruments and Equipment Fair, since the first held in 1975, the exhibition scale, the number of exhibitors and visitors expanded year by year, the exhibitors are mostly from China, the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, Korea, Turkey, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, the united Arab emirates etc. Arab Health in the Middle East has been enjoying high reputation among hospitals, medical equipment agent.
ABHI (Association of British Health Industries) is once again organising the UK pavilion at Arab Health 2014 and is pleased to announce that they warmly welcome all the medical industry professionals to be at the stand at Arab Health 2014.
The Arab Health Exhibition and Congress is, by far, the largest healthcare exhibition in the Middle East with relatively complete exhibits category and good fair effect, it’s also one of the largest in the world taking up 86,000 sqm of floor space.  During “the 38th Arab international medical equipment fair" held in 2013, Over 3,000 exhibitors attended from 63 countries with more than 75,000 healthcare professionals visiting from around the world.  The exhibition attracted from the countries of the region's doctors, hospital administrators, and medical equipment dealers to visit and negotiate trade on site. Among the exhibitors, most of the world famous enterprises are regularly participating in the exhibition, such as Siemens, Philips, GE, Kodak, STORZ, 3M etc. Exhibition occupies a total of nine of the Dubai world trade center exhibition hall, even the corridor is also set as a booth, abnormal condition is hot. Visitor numbers are expected to increase by 15% in the forthcoming 2014.
The forthcoming ARAB HEALTH 2014 will also takes up of 86,000 square meters, has attracted 2,653 exhibitors from 58 countries, visitors reached 8100. China exhibition group is the 10th year to participate this exhibition, the exhibition area takes up of 2500 square meters, the exhibitors has more than 350 companies, the scale is just rank second to Germany, thus became the second big country exhibition group.

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